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A competitive program that is designed for players with advanced level of athletic ability for the most exclusive FCBEscola program.

Squad Selection

Every age category from U8 to U18


Two Weekly Trainings ( 75 min each )


Internal Match Sessions

Each Thursday and external matches every Saturday or every other Saturday (depending on the League) with a chance to represent FCBEscola Dubai nationally and internationally.

Just like in the development program, Competitive program training uses the same methodology of tactical and technical aspects development that are also used by FC Barcelona. This is done so that players can successfully understand and feel what it takes “to play the Barca Way” and how to play “like Barca”.
Special attention is also paid to transferring FCB core human values: Respect, Teamwork, Ambition, Humility, and Effort. Players in Selection teams also work on various technical and tactical aspects: mastering players’ individual skills like ball control, running with ball, dribbling, tackling, ball interception and shooting as well as improving players’ team skills and understanding of each particular role and position on the pitch. Selection players will also practice advanced strategies with different game modules.