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Barça Academy Dubai Season 2018/19 Registration

Please fill the form below if you are planning to re-enroll your child(ren) to the programme in season 2018/2019.

Admission Fee: 1627.50 AED

Barca Academy Registration


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Waiver: In filling up this online form and proceeding to the payment, I understand that I have the full responsibility for the health of my child/children. Save to the extent that such matter arises out of the negligence of or misconduct by STRYX SPORTS, STRYX SPORTS does not bear any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to the participant or his/her belongings or claim for any injury or impairment the participant may incur during the duration of the activity. STRYX SPORTS reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the program prior or during the activity for reasons beyond its reasonable control. I understand that photographs and audiovisual recording may sometimes be taken during the activity and I hereby consent for such material to be used in STRYX SPORTS marketing material and website.

Barça Academy Dubai terms and conditions season 2018/19:

General Conditions:

1. The parent(s) must ensure that the participant is physically fit and able to participate in all sporting activities provided by Stryx Sports (hereinafter referred as “Stryxgulf FZ LLC”) including but not limited to Barça Academy Dubai (hereinafter referred as “Barça Academy Dubai”) training sessions and accordingly the parent(s) accept all risks resulting from participating in any such activities.

2. In the event that the participant needs medical attention during the training sessions/matches, the parent(s) agree to Barça Academy Dubai carrying out any appropriate and necessary First Aid treatment. All Barça Academy Dubai coaches are first aid certified.

3. Barça Academy Dubai does not accept responsibility for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to property.

4. The cost of any damage caused by any participant or by the parent(s) will be borne by the parent(s).

5. The competitions that Barça Academy Dubai may run within the season are operated at the entire discretion of Barça Academy Dubai and in all matters (including disputes), the decision of Barça Academy Dubai judge(s) shall be final, and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.

6. Any prizes offered are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. Barça Academy Dubai reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value at any time.

7. Barça Academy Dubai cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by anyone entering any competition or as a result of accepting any prize.

8. All classes will be conducted mainly in English with Arabic as a supplement.

9. Barça Academy Dubai treats as a priority the safety and well-being of all children attending its trainings. Barça Academy Dubai, therefore, reserves the right to remove from its trainings/activities without refund, any child or parent/guardian found bullying, misbehaving or generally being disruptive without the right for any refund for the remainder of the term.

10. Places at Barça Academy Dubai are limited. They will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

11. All courses, activities, venues and arrangements are subject to change according to weather, programming and a satisfactory level of numbers. Barça Academy Dubai reserves the right to cancel any courses and/or to change any information given, should this be necessary for any reason. In extreme weather conditions Barça Academy Dubai reserves the right to cancel training at short notice to ensure the safety of the participants and coaches. No refunds or make up sessions will be arranged for any cancellations related to weather.

12. The parent(s) agree to grant Barça Academy Dubai the worldwide right without approval or compensation, to use the participant’s name, photographic or video image or likeness for its reasonable commercial purposes such as newspaper or magazine ads and online social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc).

13. Barça Academy Dubai is under FC Barcelona Scouting System, which means that if any of the academy players is selected to play or test in any club through the FC Barcelona Scouting System, STRYXGULF FZ LLC will represent this player.

14. Barça Academy Dubai has the right of not accepting any applicants without giving reasons.

15. Barça Academy Dubai will not permit any player to attend its trainings/activities without the official Barça Academy Dubai outfit.

16. All participants will be required to submit their passport copy and passport-size photo on or prior to their first day of training.

17. Neither the parent(s) nor the participant shall disclose or use any aspect of Barça Academy Dubai course for commercial purposes.

18. If you are not the participant’s parent or guardian, you confirm that you have made such parent or guardian fully aware of this booking and of these terms and conditions and that they have agreed to them.

19. No parents or guardians are allowed to be on the field during training and must refrain from talking to coaches during training sessions/matches. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to the Head Coaches or Technical Director after the training session/match.

20. Barça Academy Dubai does not bear responsibility for any child outside or around the football field, children coming before training sessions or staying afterwards are full responsibility of their parents/guardians, and Barça Academy Dubai is only responsible of players on the football field during the time of their training sessions.

21. If the member has any medical condition please ensure that this information is written in the registration form in order to make Barça Academy Dubai aware of such condition. In the event that the member develops any condition during the membership duration please notify Barça Academy Dubai Client Relations team with immediate effect.

Payments, Refunds & Make-up sessions:

1. All applications must be accompanied by the relevant fees. Applications by phone or by e-mail are not confirmed until receiving the payment. The place is considered reserved only upon receipt of full admission fee payment. Admission fee is a separate annual fee and cannot be deducted from the membership fee options.

2. Effective 1st January 2018, all Barça Academy Dubai related services/goods are subject to 5% VAT.

3. Payment in full in advance MUST be received prior to the attendance of any training including admission and membership fees (this applies to 2 months, 4 months and 6 months). For the longest membership options (8 months & 10 months) membership fees can be paid over two instalments with the first instalment paid via any of the available payment options described below and second instalment submitted at the same time by a postdated cheque. Payment in two installments will not be accepted without a post-dated cheque.

4. Payment can be done at Stryx Sports office or on the training fields by Cash, Cheque made payable to STRYXGULF FZ LLC, Credit Card or Online.

5. Initial choice of membership is final and no difference of fees towards longer membership options will be accepted at a later point throughout the season unless upon notifying Barça Academy Dubai within maximum of 2 weeks after the payment date.

6. When extending membership closer to the end of the season and whenever the minimum membership period does not apply, membership renewal fee will be calculated on the basis of 1,575 AED/month including 5% VAT.

7. The annual admission fees paid each season are not refundable under any circumstances. In the event of any cancellation, the membership fees only can be transferred to another person or credited towards preceding season or next programme.

8. In case a participant gets injured during the season or is unable to attend the remaining sessions for any other medical reasons, the parent(s) will notify Barça Academy Dubai prior to missing the sessions and submit a medical report outlining the reason of non-participation and length of time advising to refrain from sports activities. The remaining period balance will be either credited towards next season/next programme, compensated in a form of make-up sessions upon recovery in the current season or refunded by cheque (no cash refunds will be made).

9. Refunds will be provided on pro-rata basis of unused membership weeks/months left in the season at the rate of 1,000AED per month minus the admission fees.

10.  In case a participant could not attend training(s) for any personal reason, missing session(s) will not be compensated or added towards the end of his/her membership. Make up sessions and pro-rata refunds are organized in case of injuries and/or for any other medical reasons only strictly upon submission of a medical report.

11. Memberships do not automatically terminate at the membership expiry date. Members signing up for 2 months, 4 months, 6 months or 8 months memberships are still considered active members after the membership expiry date in the event that payment is not made on time, unless parent advises Barça Academy Dubai in writing that membership will not be further renewed.

12. Barça Academy Dubai reserves the right to cancel the membership if membership renewal fee payment is more than 3 weeks overdue and if no response is received from parent/guardian to email reminders sent by Barça Academy Dubai staff regarding membership expiry.

13. Each season at Barça Academy Dubai is a continuous 10 months period from the first day in the end of August/beginning of September (depending on the season) and until the last week of June. Holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter are not excluded from any type of membership packages: either 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months or to the Full Season meaning holiday breaks are counted towards the overall membership package. Barça Academy Dubai calendar will be shared with members prior to enrollment so all holiday dates throughout the season are communicated to parents in advance.

In accordance with the child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the parents/carers and the child.

Stryx Sports / FCBEscola Dubai will follow the guidance for the use of photographs and videos.

Stryx Sports / FCBEscola Dubai will take all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Stryx Sports immediately or if ever your child is part of a group photo and that photo has been used of any of our marketing collateral kindly inform Stryx Sports immediately.

– As parent/guardian of the named child, I give permission for group and individual photos and/or filming to be taken during the event and understand that these may be used for archive and publicity purposes, company use only.

– I can confirm that I have read, or been made aware of, the organisation’s photography and videoing policy.

– I can confirm that I have read, or been made aware of how the organisation’s will use these images or videos in future and how these images or videos will be stored within the organisation.

– I authorize the use of player photos and information to be published on the official Stryx Sports / FCBEscola Dubai website and official Facebook Page. I agree to the collection, processing and use of my personal data in accordance with the associated declaration of consent. I understand that only Stryx Sports / FCBEscola Dubai or their authorized, contracted suppliers will use photo & video data. It will not be shared with any unauthorized third party.